Ever wondered what it’s really like working as a care assistant? We interviewed Luke Greetham, at Buxton Lodge Care Home, in Caterham-on-the-hill, in Surrey, to find out.

Here is what he said: "I joined New Century Care just two and a half months ago, and already feel so settled at Buxton Lodge. It’s such a lovely place; it doesn’t feel like a job at all. I decided on a career in care 6 months ago, and I know I have chosen the right path for me.

Luke Greetham - Buxton Lodge.

It sounds funny, but it’s so important that you really do care about people in this job. If you don’t, there is no point. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult, but the hard work is all worth it, especially when I see I’m making people happy, and helping them to enjoy life. I believe the skills you need to do this job are to be patient, kind, empathetic, and calm during stressful times.

It’s not just about socialising with the residents, and having a chat, although that’s a fantastic part of it, it’s about helping, supporting, listening, and assisting them to complete daily tasks, like washing and dressing. The hardest part of working in a care home is seeing people get ill, and not get better. Helping and guiding families through this difficult time, gets you through.

Recently, one lady sadly lost her husband, but I was able to comfort her. She told me some wonderful, happy stories about him and her tears turned to smiles, knowing that those times keep his memory alive, so he’s never really gone.

The best part of my job is seeing people flourish, sometimes discovering new hobbies, or past times, or recovering after a period of ill health. Just today, a gentleman who was previously unable to walk, following a hospital stay, found that living at Buxton Lodge has given him the support and recovery time needed, and I saw him walk from end of the building right to the other! I felt so proud of him and about the fact that I’d helped encourage him take these steps.

What it's like to be a care assistant at Buxton Lodge Care Home.

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Truly, I feel like Buxton Lodge is my second home. Not many people wake in the morning wanting to come to work, so I count myself lucky every day."- Luke Greetham

If, like Luke,  you’ve got what it takes to be a Care Assistant, take a look at the career opportunities available at New Century Care.