This week, residents of Buxton Lodge were treated to a visit from an unusual and very charming character, Delilah the miniature pony.

Delilah was brought into the home, by her handler Katie, who runs Pat Me, a company that provides patting assisted therapy with mini equines. Pat Me was established in 2013, when Katie was searching for potential ponies for her Natural Horsemanship facility. She was informed that there were mini Shetland ponies running wild in acres of land, in Coventry. Sadly the ponies were malnourished, in poor health and were in need. Katie took steps to adopt them, nurse them to health and eventually provide therapy in care homes, day centres, hospitals and health centres.

Delilah delights residents.

Research conducted has proved the mental and physical benefits of animals in care homes, and Delilah certainly seemed to raise spirits, and provide comfort to all the residents at Buxton. A particularly touching moment, was when Delilah sensed that one resident had difficulty communicating so she rested her head gently on his lap.

Theresa Stanton, Activities Coordinator at Buxton Lodge said, Pat Me visited Buxton Lodge last year, and it was such a hit with the residents and their families that we had to invite them back.

It’s fantastic to see their faces when a little pony comes trotting in to the home. It’s an unusual experience and one that brings a lot of joy, especially to those who are less mobile, the pony can come to them.”

Miniature pony visits Buxton Lodge Care Home, Caterham-on-the-hill, in Surrey.

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Brian, 89, one of Buxton's residents said, “Dogs yesterday, ponies today. There's always something good going on here." 

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