New Century Care staff, residents and visitors have unleashed their inner Christmas elf to help raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Society.

  • Rebecca Relf
  • December 13th, 2017

Staff, residents and visitors, at each of our 21 care homes wore either brightly-coloured elf costumes, elf hats or Father Christmas outfits, as part of Alzheimer’s Society’s national Elf Day campaign.

Elf Day encourages people across the UK to raise both awareness and funds for the fight against dementia – one of the main causes of disability in later life.

In honour of the day, staff at each care home organised a day of festive fun in order to spread some Christmas cheer and help raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Residents were treated to a variety of festive-themed games and treats - including raffles, an ‘Elf Bake Off’ and Elf themed arts and crafts.

Phil Smith, Chief Operating Officer at New Century Care said:

“ We look forward to getting involved in Elf Day every year, and this year was no different!

“Not only does it help raise awareness about dementia – a disease which affects many of our own residents and loved ones, but it also helps to spread some Christmas cheer for our residents.

“Our residents absolutely loved seeing their care staff dressed up for the day, and even I was persuaded to join in the fun!”

Elf Day 2017.