Visitor Pods at New Century Care

At New Century Care, we will soon be allowing nominated visitors to meet safely and comfortably with their loved ones without a shared airspace via ‘Visitor Pods’.

As a team, we have recognised both the sadness and distress that has been experienced by families since the start of this pandemic, particularly as we took the decision to close our Homes earlier than the Government advised, to help ensure our residents remained safe and well.

Phil Smith, Managing Director of New Century Care explained “We understand the importance of opening up our Care Homes to visitors as this supports our care, knowing that family members can be a huge part of the care team, as well as supporting the well-being of our residents, emotionally, physically and for improvement in their mental health. That is why we are so pleased about this new development of creating ‘Visitor Pods’ in our Homes. Each Home is unique in its layout, and of course the needs of our residents vary, so we have given a great deal of thought to come up with the best solutions locally”.

So, how will this work in practice? Visitor Pods have been created in each Home and the Homes will use an appointment system and will need to limit the time a family member can spend with their loved one, whilst ensuring a member of the care team is always on hand to support where required.  Residents who are nursed in bed will also be able to use the Visitor Pods.  Both sides of the Pods will be deep cleaned between each visit – hence the importance of our having staggered appointments and the time limits.

Our residents are very excited about seeing their families indoors within the Pod and our team is so happy about this too.

Please contact your individual New Century Care Home to find out when the Visitor Pods will be open to take bookings for appointments and when visits will be available (subject to local government restrictions).