COVID-19 Information

This information is primarily for the families and friends of our residents in our Care Homes, or for anyone considering our Care Homes for yourself or a loved one. If you require more detailed information about the Coronavirus, please visit or
If you have any enquiries about how we are dealing with specific concerns please email us on

Our priority, during this unprecedented time, is to care for our residents and our team members within our Homes, whilst offering reassurance to families and friends.

New Century Care took the precautionary measure of stopping all non-essential visits to our Care Homes ahead of government advice.  This decision was to try and safeguard the health and well-being of our residents and teams as much as possible.

Our aim is to keep you informed of our latest updates.  How we are helping to open up communication channels, how we are striving to keep our residents safe, well, and happy and of course, how we are protecting our teams within the Homes.

Our teams have been receiving gifts from their local community including treats, pizzas, magazines and flowers, as well as handmade headbands to make their masks more comfortable to wear, handmade masks to wear on the way to and from work, handmade laundry bags to securely transport clothing and uniforms to and from work, visors etc.  It’s wonderful to receive such gifts as it shows how much our team members are appreciated by families and friends.
We remain in close contact with our food and drink suppliers who are reliable and well stocked to provide all of our Homes with the same nutritious and tasty meals as usual.


  • We are regularly updating and posting photos and videos on our New Century Care Facebook page as well as all of the individual Homes pages
  • We are regularly updating families and friends with a monthly newsletter
  • We are organising times to book a telephone call or video session with your loved one and each Home has mobile phones and tablets to facilitate telephone calls and video time, using Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime etc
  • We are very happy to receive calls from anyone who is worried about their loved one or just want to know how they are doing.
  • We encourage families and friends to send in letters, cards and parcels for their loved ones


  • We have Interactive Tables in all of our Homes.  Designed to stimulate, engage or relax the mind, these tables can be used for quizzes, music and so much more and our residents love them!
  • Arts and Craft sessions
  • Singalongs and Dancing
  • Celebrating birthdays in style
  • ‘Cruising’ around the world, trying out different dishes and outfits
  • Garden Parties
  • Pamper Days
  • We encourage local families to send in their photos, pictures, drawings and stories to share with our residents
  • Residents have been helping to make Mocktails and Smoothies

Our Teams:

  • Our amazing team members are working extra shifts where they can, and of course, we are paying them extra for this work
  • All of our team members are trained in Infection Control Methods.  These methods help to reduce the transmission of the virus
  • We have sufficient PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for all of our teams, in every role they undertake
  • We have a nomination system for members of our teams with regard to our Monthly ‘Caring Hearts’ Award
  • The teams are doing their best to keep everything as normal as possible for our residents and to keep everyone safe, well, and happy
  • We are treating our team members to free breakfasts and lunches etc
  • Recruiting new people to help with all aspects of the Home where required

New Admissions:

  • We believe it is as important as ever to be here for you or your loved one who needs care at this time.  We are therefore, admitting new residents, where possible and appropriate, following assessment and testing in order to protect our existing residents and our team members.  If you would like to find out more about the care we can offer you, or your loved one, please contact us on: 01206 489150 or email us at